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Coyoctor Railway Tour

Overview and History (This route is no longer available).


The Inca Empire was the vastest empire in Latin America. During their conquest, the Inca built magnificent temples, fortresses and cities, many of which were abandoned after the Spanish Conquest and suffered the ravage of time. In Ecuador many of these forgotten buildings became part of Spanish constructions, others were simply forgotten, but in Southern Ecuador you can still find vestiges of the great Inca culture. The Tambo - Coyoctor train will unveil the remains of one of these sacred sites.

The Inca Baths are now an archeological site where researchers have found varying constructions that were designed for sacred rituals to praise the sun, moon and earth in order to receive a bountiful harvest.  Many of these rituals required the use of water, probably to cleanse the body and soul before preforming the ceremony. Other structures that can be seen are aqueducts or irrigation system that brought water to the plantations in order to have a more generous harvest.

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  • Visit the Inca complex and ruins


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