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The Ice Train Tour

Overview and History (No Longer Available)

Not long ago, ice was considered a luxury. Very few wealthy people could afford it and in order to supply this small demand for ice, a small group of daring people would climb the Andean glaciers to retrieve this precious element. Retrieving the ice from the mountain was not only a commercial activity, but also part of a sacred ritual, creating a bond between the gods and man. Now, this ritual is only performed by one man, Baltazar Uschca, the last Icemen of Chimborazo. To perform this now forgotten occupation, Baltazar has to climb Mt. Chimborazo, and after asking Taita Chimorazo (The father Chimborazo) for permission to take the ice from his glaciers, Baltazar carves out blocks of ice that are then carefully packed in straw and taken to the market by mules.

In this unique trip we take you on the mystical Andean Railway to the city of Urbina where Baltazat will explain to you in person, the process of ice extraction from the glaciers of Mt. Chimborazo.

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  • Visit the Urbina train station, the highest point of the Ecuadorian Railway
  • Visit the Last Icemen


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